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Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala–NANDAVANAM
Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital is established and run by an experienced physician who belongs to a local family traditionally engaged in the field of Ayurveda for well over half a century.

In God’s own Country- Kerala, the traditionally Indian Ayurveda has not only been best preserved but has also been continually adapted and updated to suit the needs of the health issues of the 21st century in a most effective way. Nandavanam is one among the few treatment centres that provides authentic Ayurvedic Health Care with the classic touch and yet with the most modern outlook and facilities. Nandavanam is also located in a calming location in the heart of the serene green belt of Kerala, with easy rail and road access

Ours is a hospital with a difference. We are specialized in preparing indigenous medicines that are customized according to each patient’s individual medical condition. Prepared from hand picked herbs grown in our garden or locally sourced, the medicines ensure organic authenticity and provide complete relief from chronic ailments.

Housed in a strikingly imposing building - Nalukettu - with interiors adhering to the ancient architectural principles of Kerala, the hospital influences the physical and mental well being of an individual positively. A distinctive feature of the hospital is that it combines Ayurvedic treatment with mental counseling, thereby ensuring that each patient leaves our hospital with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Patients come to us from the surrounding localities, various parts of India as well as from other parts of world. Every patient receives personalized care and monitoring
Our Mission
‘CARE FOR CURE’ is our motto and our professional and service staff tirelessly endeavor to provide better holistic health care through perfect Ayurvedic treatment which creates a healthy body and a stable mind with a sharpened intellect, thereby making the individual fit physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our Team
Our team consists of a distinguished panel of Physicians and a Psychologist with competence and experience in Ayurvedic principles and treatments to their credit. We are supported by a well trained team of dedicated service staff to regularly monitor and cater the needs of the inmates.


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