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Our Specialities
Mental health in Ayurveda
A blend of Modern Psychology with Ancient Ayurveda: Adding to our specialities is our consultant Psychologist who always takes care of the mental health of the inmates and ensures that a healthy mind always goes with a healthy body. Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital is thus justly proud of its comprehensive approach to holistic health.
The Structure
The construction of our hospital building is totally based on ancient Keralite architecture, Feng Shui -‘The Nalukettu’. It is a four sided building which ensures adequate air circulation within the construction. ‘Nadumittam’, the central open court and the most important area in a Nalukettu, acts as an invisible exhaust fan through which the warm humid air is exhausted. Thus a completely conditioned air is open to the guests. This helps them in maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing by alleviating the unwanted stress and strain. It thus provides a serene atmosphere that hastens the healing process.
The Walls
We have chosen the Laterite stone for construction of the walls. This peculiar variety of unbaked perforated stones adds to the air conditioning effect in the Nalukettu because of the inbuilt air pockets in them. Altogether this set up keeps the internal environment pure and cool.
The Team
Our panel of doctors comprises our chief consultant Dr. N N Devan Namboodiri and our chief physician Dr. K Narayanan Kutty- both of them from the ancient Gurukula system of intensive education, who selflessly attend to the medical needs of all.


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