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Poorvakarmas (Pre-Panchakarma Measures)
Before performing Panchakarma, the body has to be prepared. The doshas accumulated in and adhering to cells, tissues and organs need to be detached from their sites so that they can be expelled through various panchakarma therapies. Poorvakarma serves this purpose.

Poorvakarma is broadly classified into
  1. Snehana and
  2. Swedana
Administration of unctional medicaments, transdermally, lymphatically and orally (Snehapanam). Some random examples are given below

Rubbing in warm medicated oil on various body parts or the whole body and doing mild massage. This procedure relieves body pain and muscle spasms, ensures better peripheral blood circulation and is also a soothing and a relaxing procedure.

Drip-pouring warm medicated oil on/over the body. The therapists squeeze the oil with one hand and simultaneously massages with the other in downward strokes. This procedure is indicated in degenerative bone and joint disorders. It relieves joint stiffness and promotes muscular development.

Continuous pouring of medicated oils [Thaila Dhara], decoction [Kashaya Dhara], or medicated buttermilk [Thakra dhara].This is indicated in neurological and endocrinal disorders, joint diseases and mental problems. This can also be a relaxing and calming procedure.

Retaining for varying periods, pools of medicated oil on top of the head, held up by a goblet cap cemented by Urad dal dough walls. This gives excellent result in Bellís palsy and paralytic strokes and insomnia

Medicated ghee the composition of which varies with the diagnosed illness is given orally on daily basis in increasing doses for about 5-7 days. This is a procedure where there is cell to cell purification due to osmosis through cell saturation.

This is a method to induce hyper hydration in individual through various means as explained below -

A poultice is made out of the leaves of various medicinal plants or dry powdered form of plant parts which is then applied to the whole body or a definite body part after Abhyangam. This procedure is indicated in relieving aches and pain.

A type of kizhi where a special type of rice called njavara is processed with herbal mix and with milk, and made into a poultice. It is then applied over the affected area or all over the body. This relieves neuromuscular problems, degenerative bone and joint disorders, and muscular dystrophy.


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